Toilet Line Break Causes Water Mold Damage in Bonita Springs, FL

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ServiceMaster by Wright was called to a condo in Bonita Springs, which had water damage and mold due to a toilet line breaking and leaking while nobody was at the condo for a few weeks. When the owner returned, everything was soaked from the water and mold had started growing up the walls. The rooms affected in the condo were the bathroom, bedroom, and hallway.

ServiceMaster dispatched a crew right away and extracted the water from the affected condo. In order to dry out the affected condo, ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers in the condo. A containment was set up in the affected areas to stop the spread of the mold thru out the entire condo. Crews went in and cleaned the mold and an air quality test was performed to make sure all mold had been removed from the condo.

ServiceMaster removed some of the baseboard to help with the drying of the drywall. Some of the drywall had to removed, as the water damaged it and it had mold growth on it. The flooring in the condo was carpet. The carpeting and cabinets had to be removed because of the damage. Once the dryout and mold remediation was complete, ServiceMaster’s department went in and replaced the carpeting, cabinets, and baseboards. They also replaced and painted the drywall. They were able to restore the condo back into the condition it was in before the water damage occurred.