Tips to Properly Store Your Holiday Decorations

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From your artificial tree to boxes filled with ornaments, garlands, and lights, a storage building can keep everything dry, safe, and protected. Keep reading to discover practical ways to organize and store holiday decorations in your shed.

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1. Resist the urge to use old bags and shoe boxes as storage for holiday ornaments simply out of convenience. These cannot provide adequate protection for your precious holiday items.

2. Place towels around the base of the tree to catch fragile ornaments that may drop as you are taking down your holiday tree.

3. Remove decorations starting from the bottom of the tree, and work your way up. Reaching for ornaments at the top first may cause you to inadvertently dislodge those in the lower sections.

4. Have the long-term storage container readily available, and immediately place the ornaments into it as you take them off the tree. Otherwise, immediately wrap each ornament in tissue paper or bubble wrap and place them in a temporary holding container until they can be moved to a safer, long-term option.

4. For containers without individual compartments, cardboard dividers can be purchased online or at craft stores, or even fashioned at home.

5. Decide how to organize the ornaments. Storing items by style, size, or color helps make decorating according to a specific look or theme much easier.

6. Label the containers accordingly. Make sure to use strong adhesive labels, as ordinary sticky notes can easily fall or get knocked off. Make a master list of the containers and their contents for easy retrieval later on.

7. Store containers in a safe place. Keep ornaments away from places such as the attic or basement where there may be extreme changes in humidity and temperature. Excessive moisture may accelerate oxidation and ruin fragile ornaments. Ornaments made of mercury glass or with silver nitrate may fade, discolor, or break off when subjected to heat. Also, avoid places such as the garage or workshop where the ornaments might be crushed or damaged by pests. For pet-free homes, store the containers under the bed. If there are small children about, find space in a linen closet or any underused cabinet.

After the holiday season, invest time into trying out some of these tips and tricks for storing your favorite holiday decorations. Your preparation and hard work will ensure that your cherished tree, lights, and ornaments will continue spreading holiday cheer for many years to come.

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