Things to Keep In Mind in a Case of Water Damage Fort Myers Beach

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It looks like you have just witnessed water damage in Fort Myers Beach. You should know that we feel sorry for you, but sympathy  isn’t the only thing you are going to get here.

We, being a restoration company, understand that nothing’s worse than water damage after a flood. You’d be surprised to know that it is quite a common issue in the southern states, especially a state like Florida. Most people, who haven’t witnessed it, think it’s not big of an issue. Well, that’s where they are wrong; water damage is quite a big issue that requires an instant fix. What makes it way worse is that you have no control over it whatsoever.

Things You Should Do

There’s not much to do, but something is better than nothing. Here are some things you should consider doing in case of water damage:

  1. Stay calm

Freaking out is not going to help you out. Try to stay calm and turn off all the electric outlets and unplug all the devices. In case of flood, evacuate and look for higher grounds.

  1. Control the break out if possible

If you think you can control the situation, be sure to do that. If the issue isn’t that big out of the gate, you can call for assistance just to prevent further issues.

  1. Contact the insurance provider

Water damage in Sarasota leaves you with expensive restorations and repairs. Don’t ever forget to call your insurance company.

Service Master Is Always Ready To Back You Up

Water damage is often caused by floods, storms, or pipe leakage. Not only is it bad for your house, but it can affect your property’s value in the market. You see, no one in the right state of mind would love buying a house that’s been damaged and not restored. To avoid all that, you’ve got to hire companies that know their way around the restoration.

Service Master Restorations, as the name, suggests a restoration company that takes pride in being the most trusted partner in the business. We take pride in offering unmatched restoration services for water and fire damage.

Services that Define Us

Even though the market is filled with restoration companies, only a few of them match our caliber. Here’s a list of some services that make Service Master the Ace of the industry:

  • Construction and repairs
  • Dehumidification
  • Sewage back-up and cleaning
  • Storm damage repair
  • Structural drying
  • Thermal imaging
  • Water removal
  • Water leak detection

In the End

We are a perfect combination of these services. So, if you happen to across an issue that you think is a league of its own, feel free to ring us. Our team would be happy to help you out with water damage in Fort Myers Beach or anywhere in the wonderful state of Florida.