Thermal Scan to find Water Leak in a Naples Condo

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ServiceMaster Restorations received a call from a condo owner in Naples, Florida, for a thermal scan. A Thermal scan helps to detect if there is a water behind the walls and under the floors. Upon doing the thermal scan, the property manager wanted us to open up the walls and remove base and trim and cut some drywall out. Upon opening the walls, ServiceMaster found some mold present and metal studs were rusted out. ServiceMaster then plugged up drain in the bathtub and filled it up with water but we did not see where the water was leaking. ServiceMaster called out a water detection company to help find the leak. Once the leak was detected and fixed, ServiceMaster started the drying process by having technicians set up dehumidifiers and air movers thru out the condo. The technicians applied antimicrobial solution to avoid mold growth. ServiceMaster’s construction department is currently working with the condo owner to rebuild the damaged areas. They will be replacing all the drywall, baseboards, painting, etc. to get the bathroom back to how it was before the leak happened.

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