Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning Carpet

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ServiceMaster by Wright uses the steam cleaning method for carpet cleaning. We often get phone calls asking what the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning the carpets. Here is a summary of what each cleaning is.

Dry cleaning is basically a form of cleaning in which carbonated cleaning agent is sprayed on the carpet then buffed with a cotton pad to absorb any loosened soil. This is kind of like sweeping the carpet, since it can only remove the dirt near the surface, and only what can be absorbed by the spinning pad. Some of the dirt which appears to be cleaned away has only been pushed down further into the carpet pile. With this process being repeated by multiple cleanings over time, your carpet is actually getting dirtier in many cases. In fact, this is why reappearing stains are common occurrence with dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning gets deep down into each carpet fiber. This method requires spraying very hot water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet, while simultaneously extracting the soiled solution. This involves actually cleaning, rinsing and extracting dirt from each carpet fiber, down to the root. As a result, the majority of carpet-cleaning experts recommend deep steam cleaning with maximum extraction as the best method in almost all cases for carpet cleaning. Today’s advanced truck mounted steam cleaners can use high hot water volume for deep, thorough cleaning, and still effectively and safely extract all of that water. This means faster and better cleaning overall.

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