Steam Cleaning Carpets

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ServiceMaster uses the steam cleaning method to clean carpets. Steam cleaning is the best way to clean carpet, as the hot water extraction combined with the cleaning solution removes dirt more deeply, getting to the root of the problem. ServiceMaster can be hired, which is the better option than doing it yourself. ServiceMaster is familiar with different different carpet materials and fabrics and so know how much water and solution to use and which cleaning solution will best clean the stains specific to your carpet. ServiceMaster is better than home steam vacs because they use truck-mounted hot water extraction unit we use forces the hot water under a higher pressure than the home faucet methods, loosening the dirt more thoroughly and effectively. Another great advantage of the truck mount is that all the dirt and oil that is vacuumed from your carpet is deposited directly in the holding tank so you have nothing to spill or empty after the carpet is cleaned. Enlisting ServiceMaster to clean your carpets, you can expect a faster drying time due to higher powered extraction equipment, and the expert advice for working with different carpet textures and fabrics. The best temperature to steam clean is 150 to 200 degrees F. The hot water is combined with a cleansing solution that scrubs away stains, and then the area is vacuumed to suck away all dirt and particles. Not only is steam cleaning the best method for cleaning carpet, there are many advantages. The high temperature kills bacteriafungus, dust mites and mold, making the carpet fresh, especially for those with allergies. Steam cleaning does not leave a residue, unlike store bought spray foams that attract dirt and can damage carpet fibers.