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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Southwest Florida

Fire damage can occur at a moment’s notice but can have a lasting effect on your personal belongings and property. The first hours after a fire are vital. The first 24 to 48 hours after a fire are vital in regards to recovering from a fire and getting your home back to its original state.

Lingering soot or water can cause secondary damage and health issues if not immediately addressed by a professional Port Charlotte fire damage restoration company. Contact ServiceMaster by Wright right away. 

Every fire damage event is unique and requires an individual approach, but the general process is very similar with each situation.

What to do after a house fire in Port Charlotte, FL?

Fire Damage

How Smoke Damages Your Home

There is a misconception that some have if an area was not precisely impacted by the fire damage, that smoke damage and soot damage is not present. Far from the case, during a fire, smoke will roam to cooler and upper areas of a structure. Even if there is a fire in the lower level living room on the first floor of a building, the upper levels of the property may also require smoke damage restoration.

Smoke and soot can be acutely destructive to your home or business. Smoke damage occurs in many different types. Each type comes with individual levels of effect on your property and necessitates different methods for restoration.

To ensure superior removal of sootsmoke, and odor damage, our fire damage professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright will:

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Fires are devastating, and those living in Port Charlotte, FL  can rest easy knowing that ServiceMaster by Wright can respond quickly to any emergency. 

Our team has years of experience in all aspects of fire damage, storm damage, water damage and flood damage repairs, and restoration. For us, no job is too big or too small.

Every job gets done properly and on time. We have a team of dedicated professionals, every job gets done properly, on time, and it does not cost a fortune.
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