Plumbing Leak Causes Water Damage

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ServiceMaster Restorations was called to a home in Fort Myers, which had water damage due to a plumbing leak from an unknown source underneath the slab. A subcontractor had hooked up to a wrong line and flooded the home. The rooms affected in the home were the bedroom, closet, den and dining room. ServiceMaster dispatched a crew right away and extracted the water from the affected rooms. In order to dry out the affected home, ServiceMaster set up dehumidifiers and air movers. Some drywall and baseboards had to be removed to help with the drying process. The laminate floor in the den was wet, the homeowner was advised that it should be removed, but did not want to remove it. The surface of the flooring dried but the underlayment and concrete were still wet. The homeowner signed a stop work order since they did not want to remove the flooring as they were advised by ServiceMaster. The technicians applied antimicrobial solution to avoid mold growth. ServiceMaster’s reconstruction department went in was able to restore the home back into the condition it was in before the water damage occurred.