Leave your Tile & Grout Cleaning to ServiceMaster

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ServiceMaster’s truck mounted steam cleaners work well on a variety of surfaces, including tile and grout. The grout is often more porous than surrounding tile and also lighter in color, which makes the residue more noticeable. Cleaning grout by hand requires much of your time and energy, so this is typically not the best option to consider. Instead, ServiceMaster can quickly use heat and steam to deeply penetrate the grout, lifting dirt and residue without requiring much elbow grease. ServiceMaster’s tile and grout steam cleaners use high pressure steam at 250 degrees with 1200 psi to steam clean tile and grout. ServiceMaster’s steam cleaning systems for tile and grout will loosen up and remove deeply embedded dirt and grime from deep within the pores of your tile and grout.

ServiceMaster cleans and seals ceramic and porcelain tile and grout as well as granite, travertine, flagstone, sandstone, slate and marble. Sealing your grout after it is cleaned by ServiceMaster will seal out the dirt and grime to keep your tile and grout looking cleaner longer.

Call ServiceMaster at 239-431-9947 today for your quote on tile and grout cleaning and sealing. We are a 24/7/365 day a year company that is always open and able to assist you.