Know What to Do to Prevent House Fire Disaster

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Fire can be a friend and at the same, a foe. The discovery of fire in ancient times has brought great developments to the population. Since its discovery, it helped the population of ancient human race to prosper. However, as much as the fire helps people, it also brings disaster.

In 2015, a total of 1,345,500 fire accidents in the US were reported. These incidents resulted in 3,280 civilian fire deaths, 15,000 civilian fire injuries, and a total amount of $14.3 billion for property damage. Out of all recorded fire death, 78% occurred in home fires.

Fires, unlike natural disasters like storm or flood, can be prevented. Prevention is the most important component in dealing with fires.

Here are some ways to prevent house fire disaster.

Develop fire safety habits.

  • Make sure to keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. Warn them and teach them caution around fires and other inflammable objects.

  • Inflammable objects such as alcohol, petrol, gas containers, etc. should be placed away from any source of heat.

  • Avoid smoking, lighting fires or switching on broken electrical equipment that will likely to produce sparks. It has a higher possibility of starting a fire.

  • As much as possible, use kerosene heaters only if the law permits it. Refueling should only be done to outdoors and only after they have cooled.

  • Check your electrical wiring every once in a while. Fix or replace frayed extension cords, exposed wires, or loose plugs.

  • Avoid overloading outlets and make sure that they have cover plates.

Reduce fire risks.

  • Combustible materials should be properly stored away from heat sources.

  • Use only appliances with the label of an independent testing laboratory.

  • Be responsible with your smoking habits. Never smoke in bed, when you feel drowsy, or medicated and always try to smoke outside of your house.

  • Turn off portable heaters and other appliances when you go to sleep or leave home.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended even for a minute.

Know what to do in case of fire.

  • Know and memorize the telephone numbers of fire fighting and civil protection service as well as of the police’s.

  • Every member of the family should know how to call 911.

  • Learn how to use fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers.

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