Keep Your Home Secure with Water Damage Repair in North Fort Myers

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Are you worried due to heavy damage caused to your home by the flood? Do not avoid the stagnation of water in your home for a long time as it may cause further damage to your home, and it may be difficult for you to bear more loss to your home. Moreover, water flowing in your home for a long time can give rise to various infectious diseases, and they can pose a challenge to your health. With professional water damage services in North Fort Myers, you can keep your home secure and mitigate the losses caused by the flood.  

Availability of Water Damage Services in North Fort Myers

We at ServiceMaster by Wright are a trusted water damage restoration company and have helped thousands of victims of flood and storm damage right through the state of Florida. Our services are available in various cities of Florida—Venice, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Sanibel Island, San Carlos Park, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Naples, Marco Island, Longboat Key, Lehigh Acres, LaBelle, Iona, Fort Myers, Estero, Englewood, Captiva, Cape Coral, Bradenton, and Bonita Springs. We are a certified general contractor and delivers results to the enormous demand for water damage and storm damage remediation services. 

Our Varied Services 

We offer the following services for the mitigation of water damage:

Water Extraction

Water damage repairs are necessary to ensure that the structure of your home is protected and safeguarded from deterioration. It is a form of loss that results from water intrusion across whole or specific areas of your home. The damage could also be catastrophic. Stagnant water, rainfall, or flooding can result in many risks. Our technicians are well-trained to remove all hiding, standing, and trapped water using industrial pumps and vacuums. Water extraction is usually done to avoid further risks and damage. Since our services are available in various cities of Florida, we are famous for Sarasota water extraction also. 

Cleaning and Disinfection

Your home can harbor many germs due to the inundation of water in your home. The only way to keep your home away from germs is to get it cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning and disinfecting process does not is simple and does not take much time. Our experts use hydroxyl generators, thermal fog, and air scrubbers to clean, sanitize, and deodorize all the structures and restorable items damaged by water. This will result in the elimination of grime and dirt and prevent infections from striking your home. 

Structural Drying and Dehumidification

A structural drying service saves your home from mold invasion due to water damage and clears up basements from moisture and various other problems. Mold can be a dangerous substance in your house because of the potential damage it can do to your home. It is also not healthy for your breath and causes extreme sickness in many cases. Our professionals use air movers to quickly dry structures and evaporate water. Our industrial dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and accelerate the drying process.

Restoration and Repairs

With damp setting into your home and the flood water a haven for bacteria and mold growth, you need to get started with flood damage restoration and repair process immediately. A flood can impact your whole home and is not something you should take lightly. Remember that finding the right damage restoration service will bring your home back to a normal condition. Our experts will do all the major reconstruction work for your home—replacing Drywall, plastering damaged surfaces, and painting walls. 

Inspection and Assessment

Inspection and assessment are also essential parts of your home. We have a team of estimators who will inspect the affected areas of your home to determine the extent and type of water damage in your home and draft a strategic plan of action to minimize downtime, control cost, and eventually carry out a successful restoration. 

Our Specialties

We have the following specialties:

  • Our water damage services in North Fort Myers are available around the clock. 
  • We have 45 minutes response time.
  • We have an insurance preferred vendor.
  • We have over 40 years of experience as a restoration company.
  • We are IICRC Certified Firm.
  • We have advance training and technology.


The stagnation of water can cause a big loss to your home from economic and health points of view. Feel free to contact a reliable water damage restoration company to avail yourself of water damage services in North Fort Myers to keep your home secure.