Is It Safe to Stay in a House With Smoke Damage?

Is It Safe to Stay in a House With Smoke Damage?

Fire incidents can be devastating and leave a lot of damage in their wake. Once the fire is out, a lot of problems can surface, including smoke pollution. Residents may be considering staying in a house with apparent smoke damage, but are there safety issues that they must be concerned about? Learn more in this article by ServiceMaster by Wright, a professional fire damage restoration service provider in Florida.

What is Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage happens when the smoke generated by a fire surrounds surfaces and objects with soot and odor. Smoke is composed of different chemicals, such as carbon, sulfur, and asbestos, and tiny particles which can corrode and damage the items that it coats. In addition, it can seep through crevices and other areas such as pipes, wiring, or ductwork and can be difficult to remove.

Regardless of the size of the fire, the impact of smoke pollution can spread easily to the other parts of the house. Smoke odor can attach itself to your wardrobe, upholstery, and other belongings.

Health Risks of Staying in a Smoke-Damaged House

Smoke can irritate the eyes and sensitive skin, making them itch.

Smoke exposure can result to respiratory problems, and the more smoke is inhaled, the more damage caused. As mentioned, smoke has a complex composition of chemicals and inhaling them can result to breathing difficulties and even organ damage. Before entering a fire-damaged property, make sure that a professional has given a safety signal to ensure that no health hazards can ensue.

Smoke can also cause skin damage, and it can't only be caused by bodily contact with particles that have been released during combustion. Sometimes the damage to the skin can be serious that it would need professional intervention. In order to avoid skin damage caused by smoke, it is best to clean all items that have been exposed to smoke before using them again.

Why Sleeping in a Smoke-Damaged House is Not Recommended

Sleeping in a house that has undergone fire damage will expose you to soot and smoke, which are harmful to your health.

Smoke exposure can aggravate existing respiratory conditions and can seriously endanger those with compromised immune systems.

When a fire burns, harmful chemicals are released as a result of the combustion of household items, such as plastics, fabrics, and wood. Aside from the soot and odor released, harmful fumes can affect the body and result to diseases and other damages.

To avoid the toxic effects of smoke exposure, it is best to stay away from the burnt property until restoration, repair, and cleanup processes have been completed by a registered professional.

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