Hurricane Alerts & Warnings in Southwest Florida

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While hurricanes are often the greatest threats to life and property, there is no stopping them from happening. A hurricane is one of the most devastating calamities that can happen and for us to avoid greater damage to our property, such as Water Damage in Fort Myers, we need to rely on hurricane alerts and warnings.

What is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are a part of our lives more often than not. They usually occur in the North Atlantic Ocean and the easternmost parts of the Northeast and South Pacific Ocean. Another natural disaster and the sister of a hurricane is called a typhoon. Typhoons occur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, the west part of the dateline. If you live near the coastal areas, you’d most likely be affected by hurricanes since they pose the greatest threat to residents around the area.

The extent of a hurricane’s destruction comes from the intensity of the storm. Several factors include the effectiveness of warnings and the presence of defensive structures like seawalls and mangroves.

Hurricane Categories

There are about 5 categories in measuring hurricanes, according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Emergency Alerts and Warnings in Florida

The Florida government uses these three emergency alert systems to disseminate information about the upcoming hurricane:

Florida Water and Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Rage

We have to face it. Although there are alerts and warnings given, hurricanes and other natural disasters do not really give you enough time to prepare. They cause serious damages that can baffle any homeowner or establishment. The experienced team at ServiceMaster by Wright can assist you with all detailed restoration. We at ServiceMaster by Wright are available for Fort Myers Storm Damage Repair.

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