How to Properly Clean your Tile and Grout after the Holiday Season

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Holiday season in over! The grout between tiles can become discolored and even moldy after the party blast!. We’ll show you how to properly clean your grout and tiles  after the holiday season. For the best tile and grout cleaning, contact ServiceMaster by Wright.

As the holidays end, we start again  to prepare our homes for frequent company. This means paying close attention to details and making the home feel as welcoming as possible again. One detail that should never be overlooked is your  tile and grout.

It’s no secret that grout plays an important role in keeping your tiles in place, but cleaning and brightening can completely transform a room. You should make an annual  tile and grout cleaning part of your  new year routine.

Before you tackle your  tile and grout cleaning project, you need to make sure the chemicals you are using won’t cause discoloration or other damage. If you plan on lightly cleaning your grout, ask a professional about which cleaning chemicals to use.   ServiceMaster by Wright uses a specific eco-friendly cleaner known for its gentleness.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when cleaning your tile and grout is vigorously scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Even the toughest grout  can start to chip when you use this method. If dirt is stuck to the surface of the grout, try gently wiping it clean. If the dirt doesn’t come off and you don’t have a home steamer to lift the dirt gently, let a professional like ServiceMaster by Wright handle it.

If the grout is in a busy area of the home, it is only a matter of time before you start seeing some stains. When grout becomes deeply stained, it often needs to be replaced. Lighter stains can be bleached or cleaned out. If you are using a strong chemical to remove the stain, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. Test a small portion of the grout with the stain lifting solution unless you are using a brand recommended to you by a professional.

Keeping grout clean in Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Englewood, Fort Myers, Longboat Key, Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Siesta Key, and Venice  doesn’t have to be difficult. To schedule a regular grout cleaning service, contact  ServiceMaster by Wright today.

If you want to make sure your tile and  grout is perfect  again after the holidays, schedule your cleaning with ServiceMaster by Wright as soon as possible. If you book your cleaning a few weeks before you get back to everyday busy living , maintain the look by wiping it clean a few times per week. Avoid scrubbing or harsh chemicals that could change the look of your grout. Your goal is to preserve the pristine, professional look with as little effort as possible.

For a professional clean for your tile and grout problems, call the team at ServiceMaster by Wright today. Are your tiles in need of a proper scrubbing? We are the right people to help. ServiceMaster by Wright  has a fantastic customer service track record, boasting hundreds of repeat customers every year. Whether you are entertaining guests, moving out of your home to allow tenants, or are a tenant yourself, you will need a tried and tested tile and grout cleaning. Regardless of how expensive your tiles are, they will collect grime and dirt over continual use. Contact us at 239-431-9947 for faster response or visit for more details. Serving businesses and homeowners located in Southwest Florida.