How to Practice Social Distancing

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An effective way of preventing the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. Although you will be helped by coronavirus decontamination in Cape Coral FL, following the advice and mandate to follow social or physical distancing is the duty of every citizen of this nation. There are only three major steps we must remember in social distancing, such as: stay at home, keep away from crowded places, and avoid physical contact.

Stay at Home

As much as possible, stay at home. In this way, you are protected from being exposed to the coronavirus especially when you have chronic illnesses and allergies. The only place you can go on limited and specific schedule is the grocery store, but make sure that you go there when there are only a few people present, which is usually early in the morning or late at night. 

Moreover, if you go out, avoid public transportation that are poorly ventilated. Still, if you cannot avoid doing so, make sure that you wear a mask and have a disinfectant with you so that you can sanitize your hands when you have to touch buttons or railings.

If you are a grocery owner, you may need a coronavirus cleanup in Cape Coral regularly to keep every client and staff safe.

Keep away from Crowded Places 

A group of ten or more people is already considered a crowd and is not encouraged by the government. Unless you and your family are living within one house, avoid close encounter with a number of people especially strangers or friends and family members who have traveled to places with known COVID-19 infection. 

In addition, avoid visiting family and friends who are 60 years old and above and those younger than five years old because they are the most vulnerable. If you need to communicate with them, use video calls and conferencing which allow you to see them still. 

It is also of prime importance to distance yourself from people especially if you are living in crowded cities and condominium units where you cannot control the number of people around you. The best thing to do in these locations is to close your door and stay inside where you are safer. On the other hand, if you are the landlord or owner of the buildings, you have to schedule a coronavirus cleaning and sanitation services in Cape Coral to ensure that your tenants are protected.

Avoid Physical Contact

If you are a parent, you are not prohibited from touching your children and other members of the family if you are healthy and do not exhibit any flu-like symptoms. However, if your roommate or house mate works in a healthcare facility, you have to keep a six-feet distance all the time. Also, avoid any form of hugging and touching anybody for both you and their protection. Some people are asymptomatic and they may be carriers of the virus without them knowing it. 

This may be the most difficult step to take because we are physically expressive individuals. For how long are we going to keep social distancing? Experts say, it can go  months until the curve has been flattened and vaccines are  available.  

These three steps have been effective,  however, you can always seek help from a coronavirus cleanup company in Cape Coral especially if you have to wait until about five months to clear the pandemic.

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