How to Escape a Flooded Property in Florida

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Flood is a natural phenomenon that cannot be easily predicted. It is a result of a massive storm that hits our country; most of the time, the flood is caused by heavy rainwater that happens after or during a storm. When the soil cannot absorb massive rainwater, it may cause water to rise and flood your area. Flood can also occur when water from dams is being released because of system failure, or when ice blocks our rivers and streams which enables the water to overflow onto surrounding and nearby houses. Florida is one of the states that are prone to flooding because of hurricanes, that is why most houses and businesses look for a service company that offers flood damage repair in Cape Coral and other neighboring cities and counties.

It is important to always be prepared and alert during storms to save your life, your family, and your property. Check out radio stations and TV stations that are giving flood updates to your area. In flood updates, you are being informed if there is a possibility of flooding or if a flood will occur or is already occurring in your area. Knowing the updates from your local station, whether through TV, radio, or cellular data, will allow you to have the opportunity to act faster for evacuation, giving you time to prepare your family, food, clothes, and emergency survival kit.

If your property or house is already flooding, here is what to do to escape a flooded property:

  • Turn off the main switch – If the flood is not gushing, first make sure that you turn off your main switch; this will spare you from any electrical accidents that might run through the water inside your house. Make sure that your hand and the electrical line are dry before touching the main switch. Plug out all electrical appliances and shut off your gas system.
  • Grab your emergency kit – When there is a need to vacate, this one should be brought first, along with food, for survival in case the flood will last for more than three days.
  • Secure your house before leaving by locking all doors and windows.
  • Go to higher ground – Listen to the radio and follow the instructions when being told which roads are not safe and which are safe. Avoid using shortcuts as they might not be safe routes for you and your family. Your local emergency team will give you directions as to where the nearest safe place to go is located.
  • Don’t cross a flooded area – Never underestimate the force of water; a knee- level fast-water flood can sweep you all of a sudden. It is better to turn around and go in the opposite direction or cross the water when it is not moving. Protect your balance.
  • Don’t drive through flooded road – It may look like only a few inches of water but it can surely make your car lose control. Watch out for barricades; do not drive around them.
  • Leave your car if it stalls, or if the water rises around it. Climb to a higher place and look for a safe spot.

After the flood, first, make sure that it is safe to travel back home. Ask the safety officer assigned to your town/city about the intensity of the damage of the flood to the houses. The information that they will give you will help you assess how to keep yourself safe while inspecting your house or office for flood damage.

Here is what you should do:

  • Check for structural damage. Check the walls and floors, doors and windows, and most importantly the ceiling – it might fall out before you know it.
  • Check if there are any gas leaks. If the gas was turned off before you leave, make sure to seek professional help in turning on the gas for safety purposes.
  • For insurance claims, take pictures of the damaged areas, whether walls, ceilings, doors, or windows.

Flood is a natural disaster, and no one can avoid it once it happens. Make sure that you are always emergency-ready; having a calm mind will help you survive this calamity. Always remember to put safety first, and save your life and the life of your family before you save your belongings. You can have everything taken care of by a flood damage restoration in Cape Coral company later.

For your houses or businesses that were damaged because of the flood, seek professional help to distinguish which part of your building needs to be repaired. There is always a service company with flood damage repair in Cape Coral services that is ready to help. Contact ServiceMaster by Wright for your flood damage restoration in Cape Coral. 

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