How to Clean Up After a Grease Fire Without Compromising Your Holiday Celebration

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Grease fire damage can be an unexpected disaster for your kitchen and home especially during a holiday celebration in Fort Myers, Florida. The challenge of grease fires is that they are difficult to extinguish. Pouring water on a grease fire only makes it worse, and trying to snuff it out with towels or other materials close by can lead to the fire spreading and is dangerous.  
Grease fires are very dangerous because they spread out quickly. Before you know it, the fire has already spread all over your kitchen walls, cabinets, and ceilings. Worse of all, the fire has spread all over your house and made irreparable damage in a split second. Because it is such a common occurrence, every household owner should be prepared at all times by learning how to put out a stove fire, how to get rid of smoke in the house from an oven and clean it up, and most importantly, how to prevent kitchen fire damage. 
But then there’s cleaning up after a grease fire damage, which is the second challenge. Just as a grease fire is hard to put out, a grease fire damage is also difficult to clean up. Because of just how quickly a grease fire can spread and because of how intensive a grease fire damage can be, it’s almost always ideal to call a professional like a fire damage restoration service in Fort Myers for help with repairing damage from a grease fire. A grease fire damage most often leaves a heavy scent of smoke throughout your home. It can also leave soot covering your kitchen, including the ceiling, cabinets and more. No matter what, there’s going to be grease residue and soot everywhere — and grease is notoriously difficult to clean.  
Residue can often find its way onto paper, wood, plastic, natural substances and more, and there’s a proven process for cleaning each — but the processes are different. Professional fire damage restoration services in Fort Myers, Florida can take care of these different materials in the best way possible. 
When you’ve experienced a grease fire in your home or in your restaurant, it’s important to be proactive without compromising your holiday celebration.

Here’s a look at what you can and should do immediately:

Remove Pets and Children

Smoke and soot can cause health problems in both people and animals. For this reason, until the environment has been cleaned and repaired, children and pets should be taken elsewhere.

Replace Your Filters

Because of the smoke and soot’s ability to travel throughout your house, it’s important that you change out your furnace’s air filter. Replace the filters on your refrigerator, too — if they are salvageable.

 Toss Out Food

Discard any food substances that were out when the fire struck — soot and smoke particles have contaminated your food.

Clean Cabinets: 

It’s likely your cabinets are covered soot inside and out. Wipe them down, too. While initially cleaning them is important, you may need a professional to sand, reseal and repaint the cabinets to fully remove the odor.

Check Appliances: 

Your microwave may need to go. If it was located close to the fire, it will be next to impossible to get the smoke scent out of the plastic. Check the gasket seals on your refrigerator for damage as well. If they are impaired, it may be time to get a new refrigerator. This is another area where professional guidance can be helpful.

Find a Professional:

It’s likely you’ll need a fire damage restoration professional’s help. Contact ServiceMaster by Wright to get them on the schedule as quickly as possible. 
Never enter a structure that has been affected by any kind of fire until it has been declared safe to do so by the fire department or another public authority. If you have any doubt about the structure’s soundness, wait until a professional can assess it. Fire damage restoration technicians in Fort Myers, Florida have the knowledge and experience to quickly and effectively repair damage from a grease fire, as well as the tools needed to get the job done. Additionally, a professional will know the proper techniques for taking care of grease fire residue on different materials. Contact us at 239-431-9947 for fire damage restoration services in Southwest Florida and its nearby counties, or visit for more details. We are 24/7 on-call and available to respond.