How to Avoid Carpet Stains this Thanksgiving

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Are you having an uncomfortable feeling because of ghastly stains on your carpet?

Having a carpet in our homes or our businesses provides a lot of benefits.  First, walking, lying, and playing with your children on a carpet gives a comfortable feeling. Next, it provides insulation of the indoor environment and it can help you save on the costs related to heating during the winter. Then, safety is one of the benefits of having a carpet for it prevents people, specifically children and the elderly, from slipping on wet floors.  Lastly, a carpet improves the appearance of your homes and businesses for it serves as decor and a source of elegance.

Special events like Thanksgiving, family reunions, birthday parties, simple gatherings with friends, and so on usually mean increased foot traffic for our carpets. Carpet stains after the parties are inevitable. Dirt from the shoes of the quests is one of the usual carpet problems that can be found after the gatherings, followed by spilled food and drinks such as ice cream, cake icing, sauce, salad, soda, and other beverages. Grease and oil from foods can also leave stains on the carpet. Vomit from drunken guests is also one of the contributors to carpet stains and can leave an unpleasant smell.

Stains are one of the common problems faced by home and business owners who own carpet and upholstery. 

Here’s what you should do to avoid carpet stains:

1. Have guests and family members remove their shoes before stepping on the carpet. This is to keep the dirt away and prevent it from sticking to the strands of your carpet.

2. In areas of high foot traffic and those where household members eat often, it would help to place plastic mats under the furniture to prevent spills or food from staining the carpet.

3. Vacuum your carpets daily to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, making them easier to clean later.

It is the most common cause of carpet damage and for this reason, you need to look for the best carpet cleaning company in Southwest Florida to do the job for you.  For routine professional carpet cleaning in Cape Coral, call Service Master by Wright at (866) 676-7761. We have been serving businesses and homeowners for over 40 years throughout Cape Coral, Florida, and its surrounding areas and counties.

Service Master by Wright completely respects the environment and is committed to keeping the process green. Our company sees to it that the carpets of our clients will be healthier, cleaner, and fresher in bedrooms, living rooms, and all areas of their houses. To improve the durability and extend the life of the carpets, this company uses a deep-down, natural carpet cleaning service.

Service Master by Wright’s carpet cleaning processes are the following:

  • Preliminary inspection of the client’s carpet to determine the best cleaning method
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Pre-application of cleaning products to loosen ground-in soil
  • Rinsing your carpet with clear hot water and steam clean carpets
  • Post-treatment of any residual stains
  • Carpet-grooming for efficient drying and a uniform appearance
  • Placing pads under furniture legs to protect the carpet while it dries
  • Final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

For after-Thanksgiving stains or damages, Service Master by Wright has modern equipment and a professionally-trained tech team to take care of your cleaning needs with our Service Area Offices offering carpet cleaning in Cape Coral, Floridaprofessional damage restoration company in Cape Coral, Floridatile and grout cleaning in Cape Coral, Floridaand upholstery cleaning in Cape Coral, Florida.

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