How does a Restoration Service Rebuilds Your Home After a Fire Tragedy

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Remember the episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment catches fire? And when the gang reaches the apartment, the girls are told that they have to stay somewhere else till ‘someone’ restores their apartment into a safe place.

This blog is about the ‘someone’ who offers restoration services—a fire restoration company or service providers like ServiceMaster restorations. These experts reach the spot once it is declared safe by the fire department. The general procedures that they follow are briefed under:

  • An emergency response team is sent to the property to evaluate water and fire damage.
  • This team secures windows, doors, and other entry-exit points.
  • Pumps water out of the property to limit mold spread, thus preventing further damage.
  • Ventilates property to eliminate toxic fumes and enhance air quality to reduce smoke damage.
  • Initiates the extensive fire damage clean-up process.

Let’s get into the details to understand the fire restoration process in a better light.

Commonly-practiced steps followed during a fire damage restoration process are…

Assessing the site

The first place to begin is by performing a thorough site assessment to spot any fire damage. Look for smoke, soot footprint, and heat damage on walls, furniture, and fixtures.

The assessment allows the restoration team to remove the non-affected furniture, appliances, and other household products from the site at the earliest. This prevents the smoke and soot from settling down on untouched products.

A fire restoration service provider offers an all-encompassing site assessment and builds a detailed report that can be used for insurance purposes.

Weatherproofing the foundation

An important point to remember is that fire and water restorations run parallel. This means the affected part of the property must be protected from moisture and vapor. A vapor barrier is installed in the area to make it moisture-proof.

A restoration service generally limits any further damage by removing weakened and damaged surfaces. They scrutinize every nook and corner of the property to recommend repairs and replacements.

Initiating fire damage clean-up process

Smoke and soot are inevitable after a fire incident. These are hard to clean and typically require deep scrubbing, sanding, and repolishing. 

Additionally, if the site is further damaged by water, it complicates the matter further. In such cases, the restoration experts will pump out water and moisture in the area using industry-level heaters and blowers.

The water damage restoration is equally important as the fire damage restoration as it prevents mold build-up at the site, potentially harmful to inhabitants.

Repairing & Renovation

Fire damage is found in several places, like wall paint and wooden surfaces. Extreme temperature causes paint to blister, which needs to be scrapped and reapplied carefully to get a neat look. For wooden furniture, it is imperative to scrape off the outer layer and use a sealant to mask the acrid odor.

The renovation comes into the picture when the restoration isn’t possible. It offers a new life to your home and a fresh start for you and your family to get over the accident trauma.

Wrapping Up

A fire accident is an unpleasant experience that no one wants! There are some preventive measures, but one can never tell when the emergency will knock on his door. It is better to tackle the situation with a clear head and professional support like ServiceMaster by Wright to give your home a second life.