How Do You Know If The Water Damage In Your Home Is New Or Old?

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Are you facing water damage issues recently? Want to know if the water damage in your home is new or old? 

Water damage can be a nightmare to deal with. It may foster the growth of mold, weaken the structural integrity of your home, and even lead to health issues. But it is important to determine if it is new or old before you can address the water damage in Port Charlotte. It can help you decide which remediation and repair methods are best for your home.     

You need to look out for vulnerable sections of their houses in order to detect leaks early on. Understanding the different items in the house is also helpful because they respond to moisture infiltration in different ways.  

Here are some points that help you know if you have to deal with old or fresh water damage. Let’s have a look:

Note the Water Rings

When water stains appear on the ceiling or walls, you can determine how old they are. A freshwater spot often appears as a single, solid, and dark area without any surrounding rings.   

There will be one or more circles all around an old water area. If more rings surround the wet location, the problem is older. It may also be learned from the colors of the rings because they indicate how frequently wet and dried the affected areas have been.  

Inspect the Affected Area

You can assess how long water damage has persisted in a given region by feeling the water spots with covered hands. When you touch water sports, freshwater damage feels firm. On the other hand, older water damage seems soft and soggy.  

The walls, ceilings, or other areas that have sustained freshwater damage are still strong. In comparison, long-term water damage-afflicted areas are easily movable and don’t need much pressure. 

Find Mold Spores

Mold spores multiply quickly. The area has been damaged for at least a few days if there are mold stains on the water-damaged walls or ceilings. Mold might start to form within 20 to 48 hours of water exposure. If you see the hidden growth of mold, it means the water damage has been there for a while. Put on gloves and a mask to avoid cross-contamination and breathing in mold spores.

Identify Structural Worsening

The walls, ceilings, tiles, and other structural components of the house were damaged over a prolonged period. It usually signifies that there has been extensive water damage when a home’s inner structures fail because of moisture.  

Your home starts to damage under severe circumstances, such as flooding. No matter what type of water damage, it needs to be repaired right away. It would help if you regularly inspected your properties to address any potential water damage.  


If you find water damage, take immediate steps to lessen the damage. Get in touch with reputable water damage Restoration Companies, like ServiceMaster by Wright, for prompt and competent assistance. We offer high-quality restoration services for water damage in Port Charlotte to restore your property to the way it was before the loss.