How Can You Protect Your Sarasota Home From Water Damage?

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Whether you are a native of Florida or a newcomer, you will agree that with all the beautiful sunshine comes the rain. And this fact is quite accurate in the case of those who live in the seaside city of Sarasota, as the storms frequently occur with great intensity in the beach towns. Hence, to protect your home, it becomes essential to understand how weather can affect the house and how one can protect it against water damage during adverse weather conditions. 

About weather conditions in Sarasota

Indeed, one can easily find professionals to fix water damage Sarasota. Still, it is always better to have a clear idea about the weather conditions to keep the property safe from damage in the future. 

Most of you might know that Sarasota is a stunning Gulf coast city, where weather is generally mild, but one can find the rain frequently. And with so much water from the oceanfront and lakes, the storm here is intense and can cause severe water damage from flooding.

How can one protect their home from flooding in Sarasota? 

  • If your house is on the flood plain, then you must reach out to the insurer regarding the flood insurance to get the property and furnishings covered against the damage.
  • You can try working with the landscaper to find the best way to keep the storm flowing away from your house. This tip is essential if you are living in a low-lying area. Further, you can even discuss the drainage interventions to ensure your home stays dry.
  • Try to take appropriate measures to protect your home from severe storms like hurricane shutters and windows, water intrusion detectors, generators that can help protect your home against the damage of blowing rain and floodwaters.

However, if the following precautions fail to prevent the damage to the house, or if you are unsure about the damages, you can reach out to professionals offering Sarasota water damage inspection services and take the necessary precautionary steps. 

Signs of water damage when you must consult a restoration company

Have you experienced severe weather and have no clue whether the water has intruded on your property or not? Here are some clear signs that would help you identify the damage:

  • Persistent musty smell, especially when the house was closed for several hours. 
  • An excessive creaky floorboard or unusual sound like dripping.
  • Discoloration or brown spots around the door frames, windows, or the ceiling.
  • The damp and cold feeling can’t be removed even when the heat is on. 

Further, if you fail to notice any of these signs, that doesn’t mean there is no damage. If the house has been through severe weather conditions, it is recommended that one must hire professional restoration services to get their property inspected for any hidden damage. 


Understanding the weather of Sarasota and taking the necessary precautions as per the situations is always considered best for the house owners to prevent water damage. And for some reason, if the house owners believe that necessary precautions failed in saving their house from water damage Sarasota, they can consider contacting ServiceMaster Restorations to seek the best services to preserve their home’s beauty and value for years.