Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaner in Florida

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Carpets, by nature, are bound to get dirty over time. Constant foot traffic, pet urine, food and beverage spills, and everyday dust and dirt all contribute to grime buildup and carpet wear and tear. Sometimes, you can hold off getting professional help for a while, but you cannot procrastinate forever.

When is the best time to call the experts? To help you decide, we have developed a quick guide to know when is the best time to get carpets and large rugs professionally cleaned.

1. Hire a carpet cleaner when you’re moving in or outside a residence.

Whether you’re moving into your dream home or outside a family home, the rooms will most likely be empty or poorly decorated, which is the ideal time to call a professional carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster by Wright. This step can help improve the appearance of your carpet by removing stains and accumulated grime, resulting to one less problem before you move in or out of the home. To prepare for the cleaning, re-stretching the carpet is advised to make sure that it is in its best form.

2. Hire carpet cleaning services before a gathering or a big event.

Planning to host a celebration in your home? If you are, then now is your chance to hire carpet cleaning services right away. This way, your house will look and smell its best for the benefit of your guests. You may not think about your carpet picking up odors, but it absolutely will. You won’t notice it because you are in your house all the time, but your guests will certainly be aware of that.

3. Hire a carpet cleaner after an accident or a large spill.

Did you know that very young children or pets can have an accident while walking or playing on your living room carpet? Had there been a major spillage of food in your house recently that has left your carpet stained and shabby-looking? These are excellent opportunities to hire carpet cleaning services. You’ll not only be freshening up your soiled carpet, but you’ll also be preventing mold from growing on your flooring.

4. Hire a carpet cleaner after any type of flea “bomb” has been released.

Have you ever had to release a flea and tick the “bomb” in your house? After those bombs kill any bugs, the carcasses will remain deep in your carpet fibers. Dust mites dwell in your carpet, too, and you cannot afford to have them stay there forever. Although you can vacuum some of them up, many will stay behind until you get a professional carpet cleaner like ServiceMaster by Wright.

5. Hire a carpet cleaning company when someone in your house has been diagnosed with allergies or asthma.

Have you or a person living with you been diagnosed with allergies or asthma? Often, these problems can be aggravated by dirty carpets (also, a carpet can be considered dirty even if it does not show on the surface). Hiring a professional carpet technician will be able to help you get rid of common allergens such as pollen, which has been entering the house from the outside, as well as dust mites. Make your home a safe haven even for your loved ones with allergies by not delaying to have your carpets professionally cleaned when they need to be.

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