Flood Damage Restoration

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No home or business is immune to water or flood damage. Once disaster strikes, we don’t have a choice but to bear with the consequences after our home or business has been affected by it. Destructive floods are difficult to deal with, and that’s why you need a water damage restoration service to respond to the affected location right away. 

ServiceMaster by Wright can carry out water damage restoration projects with ease. We have extensive knowledge and experience to perform water damage restoration to your home or business and get your property back to its pre-loss condition. We respond to your call anywhere in Southwest Florida.

How Can Flood Affect Your Home or Business?

1. Health and Safety Risks

Water damage from flooding produces many health and safety risks if the water is not immediately cleaned up, including the following:

2. Financial Loss

Water and flood damage can result in huge financial loss. How? Once water invades your business, your business operations will be disrupted, causing you a huge amount of money loss. The business hours that you’re supposed to operate will be affected, which can cause financial strain to business owners. To further reduce costs, ensure you have proper flood insurance for your home or business. Sometimes, it can take years for affected communities to be re-built and life to return to normal.

3. Property Damage

Most of the causes of water damage are because of floods. Just a few inches of water could cause major damage to the contents of your home or business, not to mention buildings and land. It will take you some time to get back to how it used to be.

Restoring Your Home After Flood Damage

In some cases, the damage caused by a water intrusion might not be apparent immediately and may only be characterized by an unpleasant odor. However, addressing the problems a few hours after it happened might just reduce the damage by a significant amount. That’s the importance of calling a flood damage restoration expert immediately. 

ServiceMaster by Wright has a professional response team that is on duty 24/7 and ready to react within minutes. We have 40 years of experience in water damage restoration and have a wealth of technical expertise used by many major insurance companies on their domestic and commercial policyholders’ claims. Here are our key services we provide for flood damage restoration.

Complete Floodwater Clean-up Services:

If your business is threatened by destructive floodwaters, contact ServiceMaster by Wright right away by calling (239) 431-9947! Our Water Damage Restoration services include water leak detectionthermal imagingwater removalstructural dryingdehumidificationconstruction and repairsstorm damageand sewage/septic back up cleaning. We will make your house safe and comfortable for your family again.