Fire Damage Restoration In Cape Coral: Is It Safe to Live in a House With Fire Damage?

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As we know about it, fire is an alarming accident that can give anyone a traumatic experience. Indeed, in the USA every minute there is news of fire damage & water damage in the house. So, if you’re here to read this blog, you’ve probably had a fire in your house that has put you in a dilemma about how to deal with it. Luckily, fire damage restoration Cape Coral services are there to take care of every kind of fire and smoke damage. 

Do you know that even a small fire can create severe damage to your property and life? The smoke, soot, and water that result from the fire can also be dangerous. Therefore, various things are involved in restoring your property, from calling a professional company to knowing why it is unsafe to be in a fire accident. This article summarizes things to do after a fire accident and what is included in any restoration services. 

Living in a House After a Fire

Most of the time, many people think that once the fire has been extinguished from their home, they can safely live in the house. But this is a great misconception. 

Fire Damage

The fire produces extreme heat that can damage the structure of the house. And that when it is further exacerbated with high-pressure water.
In addition to the aforementioned, mercury and lead-based paint are found in residential homes. It isn’t a health hazard if it’s kept untouched and in good form.

Damage Caused by Smoke

Hot particles make up smoke. Since there are so many factors, it’s hard to anticipate the internal structure of smoke.

Breathing, difficulty breathing, coughing, migraine, red eyes, brain disorientation, and trouble breathing are all symptoms of smoke inhalation. Even though smoke dissipates quickly, it is incredibly intrusive, and it can find its way into HVAC vents, electrical outlets, furniture, insulation, and other places.

Even if you don’t see any flame in your home, toxic exhaust plumes could still be around, posing a health concern. When breathing combustion byproducts, those who have heart illness, respiratory illness, or asthma, newborns, toddlers, expectant mothers, and the elderly are more at risk.

Things To Do Aftermath Of A Fire

It’s a heartbreaking thing to witness your property burning. Although in distress, you must act swiftly after the fire has been extinguished to minimize more damage to the property. Disruptions might result in more damage, including water penetrating your house or mold forming, which can raise repair expenses.

Contact your insurance provider as rapidly as feasible to notify the incident and find out whether steps you need to take next. These may involve securing the premises, creating an accounting of the loss, and contacting expert fire damage restoration businesses.

When the insurance companies come to assess your property for fire damage, be certain they do it thoroughly. You want the full extent of the damage to be found and covered by your initial fire damage claim. The following areas should be inspected:

  • Roof. Flames might have produced damage or the wood beneath the roofing could have become moldy.
  • Siding and concrete are two types of exterior finishes. The heat and smoke might melt wood siding and break the drywall.
  • Windows. Glass windows might melt or blister due to the heat. It can also cause warping or discoloration of glass.
  • Heating and plumbing are two separate issues. Pipes, ducts, soldering, or connectors can all be damaged by fire.
    Professional fire damage restoration services benefits of hiring a fire damage restoration company are endless. Not only do they help in acing your life but also your property. Few things are included in companies offering restoration services, including:

    • Securing the property: The primary responsibility of a certified fire damage repair cape coral company is to save the property and minimize the damage. 
    • Assessing the damage: the team assesses the damage to work on the property by removing the damaged parts quickly. 
    • Removing water & mold: Water is used to extinguish the fire. Therefore professional restoration companies work quickly to dry water, so there is no space for mold growth. 
    • Restoring appliances: your house structure and make sure to save all appliances present in the house. 
    • Cleaning: last but not least, the company cleans all the residue soot, smoke and dyes the space so that you can get back to your home ASAP. 

    On A Final Note!

    Now you know why it is unsafe to be in a house with smoke and fire damage. In fact, you should never do things that might put you in danger. So, thinking about you and your family’s safety, make sure you connect with the best company offering services for fire damage restoration in Cape Coral.
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