Find The Root Of The Problem With Professional Services Of Mold Remediation in Sarasota!

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Are you struggling with the issue of mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in multicellular strands called hyphae. They are quickly grown on many surfaces and products, including food items and even buildings. Mold in your building can harm the reliability of the structure and can lead to serious health issues at the same time.   

As per the latest research, it is estimated that 40% of homes in Cape Coral have or will suffer from a mold problem. If you face the same situation, then look no further and hire professional services for mold removal in Cape Coral.

Take a protective step with us today!

There are myriad companies that offer mold remediation services and claim to provide the best result. But it is a serious issue, and obviously, you don’t want to give your mold removal project to anyone who doesn’t have expertise and skills. So, take some time for research and find one of the best companies, like ServiceMaster by Wright. 

We offer unmatched quality services for mold removal in Cape Coral and make your place safe and comfortable to live in. 

Mold remediation is something that people usually try to avoid. No matter how much you try to avoid the mold, they can grow anywhere, and all your efforts would be in vain then. You can inspect, clean, and keep your house dry, but there are a plethora of reasons for mold growth. The mold spores are so sneaky that they can create severe health issues for you and your family. It is also possible that these molds grow in a place that is not directly visible, but their presence can be felt by the musty smell they generate.    

What is mold?

It is a type of fungus caused by humidity, and it starts growing on a surface that has been wet for over 24-hours. So, it is generally a symptom that your property has an issue with some form of dampness. 

In addition, mold is dangerous for people with existing skin infections, poor immune systems, or respiratory issues, such as asthma.    

Do you want to know why your home has mold?

If you are a typical family who gets up in the morning and has condensation on your double covering, let us explain why. Regularly, we heat and use our homes during surges of activities. Our central heating will be on every morning, windows closed, breakfast cooked, showers running, and the morning rush to get out the door. This cycle repeats every day during the morning and dinner as we return home. 

Does this sound familiar?    

Your daily routine is one of the main sources of dampness, and you are creating so much moisture within your home. 

The disparity between ventilation and moisture you are creating does lead to condensation. The warm moist air can hold too much dampness as you heat your home, and as you turn off the heating, the warm air cools. Colder air cannot hold as much moisture, so it abbreviates on surfaces where the temperature is under the droplets points of the dampness. 

Condensation does not just form on doors and windows, but it can materialize on cold areas for the process to occur. It can be at poorly insulated spots on ceilings, walls, in wardrobes, cupboards, and behind furniture.        

Due to seeping water from roof tiles, downpipes, defective sanitary fittings, and plumbing systems, mold can also be seen in walls and ceilings. This type of mold is highly active with big open spores because of the constant freshwater source. If you really want to remediate, hiring the best and professional services for mold removal in Bonita Springs is the right time.   

Our process of mold remediation:


We diagnose the root of the cause by inspecting and underlying building defects. We consult with homeowners or tenants about prospective living and lifestyle aspects that contribute to mold growth. 

Treatment & Prevention

We use specialized solutions and innovative techniques to kill the mold in the affected area. By using state-of-the-art techniques, we also try to prevent the future growth of mold. 


We perform all laboratory testing of samples to identify the type of mold present. 


We use unmatched quality filtration devices and dehumidifiers for performing an effective filtration process. 


We also provide our clients with analysis reports that include advice and guidance for further prevention. 

The Bottom Line:

So, why are you compromising your and your family’s health? It is the right time to take preventive steps. Just visit ServiceMaster by Wright and hire professional services for mold remediation in Sarasota today!