Essential Steps To Take After Water Damage!

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Water! It is good for our health. 


But it is not good for our houses. If your house is flooded by water from a broken pipe, toilet tank, heavy rains, malfunctioning refrigerator, overflowing gutter, overflowing basement, or any other such situation, then you should take help from restoration professionals for water damage in Punta Gorda.

Here are some preventive measures you need to consider to prevent further damage to your home. Let’s have a look:

Turn off the Electricity in the House

This is the first and foremost step you must take after water damage. First of all, turn off the electricity in the house to avoid any disaster. Unplug all the electronics from the sockets and remove them from the damaged area if removable.  

Find the Main Source of the Water Leakage

The second step is finding the main source of water leakage and shutting it off. If you cannot find the source of the leak, then you better call a professional restoration company. If it is a broken pipe, shut the main water source and call a plumber. In order to dry the floors, take out as much water as possible. Dry only as much as you and leave the major work for professionals.   

Remove Wet Products

After finding the main source of water, remove wet products from your property. The wet items include wet carpets, furniture, and other valuable items. Place foil below the furniture to prevent stains on the floor or carpet if your furniture is not removable. One more thing, fold up your frills and curtains, so they are not in touch with the surface of the water.  

Clear Water from Damage Area

Try to use a vacuum cleaner, cloth, or a mop to remove the water from the area. When you hire professionals, they will help you remove water, but the more timely action taken will cause less damage to your home and belongings. 

Open Windows

It is important to open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. If it is not possible, then place fans in the affected area and increase their speed. 

Call Professionals

After following all the steps, call a professional restoration company if you feel the damage is huge. You can dry out the wet floors, carpets, and furniture. But you need a professional to take care of your damaged area to avoid mold growth. After calling the professionals, call your insurance company and file a claim if covered.  

Take Pictures of the Damaged Area

The last step in the process is to take pictures of the damaged areas, as it will help you and the insurance company while the claim process is going on. In addition to this, document all the damaged areas, furniture, and electronics so that you can claim them afterward.  

Call the professionals!

After you find the water flooding:

  1. Take instant action.
  2. Stay calm and be very careful when handling electronics during flooding.
  3. Never ignore the leaks and cracks in the foundation, as they will damage your building’s structure and support mold growth. 

It is always better to hire the best Punta Gorda water damage company that helps you get your property back in good condition.