Essential Signs That Signify The Leak In Your Home!

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Hearing a strange dripping sound or finding a puddle of water where there should not be is not something that you want to experience. We rely on water- as long as it stays contained in a pipe, sink, tub, or a proper appliance. But if water finds a way to escape its designated “home” and enter your dwelling space, it can quickly become the enemy. 

A small leak in your home that remains unaddressed could cause damage to your home, increasing the risk of mold festering if ignored for too long. It is not always easy to find a leak. There are things that you can look for to find it on time and prevent water damage in Longboat Key.    

The professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright understand the importance of leak detection and are here to help you. We bring some things to look out for within your home if you suspect there might be a leak somewhere, or you just want to make sure you never miss one.  

Let’s have a look:

Winter can be tough on your home for a variety of factors. Cold temperatures can cause your water pipes to freeze, and water lines can burst. So, it is important to know how to prevent frozen pipes and find a leak so that you can deal with it straight away. Thankfully, ServiceMaster by Wright has the answers.   

Increasing Water Bills

It is your responsibility to know the estimated amount of your bills every month, especially your water bills. By doing this, you can see if it is remained in the same price range or increased significantly. There are some things that will naturally cause fluctuations, such as using your sprinklers in the scorching summer or taking a long shower in winter. But if you cannot find a valid reason for this, you could have a leak somewhere in the home.  

Water Meter Proof

You can get proper information about how much water you are using every month by checking your water meter regularly. If your home has a leak, the best way to detect it is to choose a day to avoid using any water for about an hour or two. Note down the numbers that show on the meter, then turn off all your water-using appliances. Check the numbers again in an hour to see if they have changed. If they have, it shows a possible leak. 

Wall Discoloration

Your wall colors represent your personality. But when you notice discoloration running down the wall, this not only affects your home’s look but typically shows a pipe is leaking. 

A Strange Sound

Dripping sounds are not always easy to notice, but once you hear them, it becomes a mission to find the main source. You must first acknowledge when you hear it to detect a leak based on a dripping or splashing sound. When you have pinpointed when the sound occurs the most, you need to inspect the appliance, pipes, and surrounding areas. Generally, these are small leaks that can be easily fixed. But if you ignore these small leaks, they can quickly turn into a big problem.  

Doesn’t Let the Leaks Get You Down!

Leaks can happen at any time in any area of your home, from dripping sounds and increased bills to bubbling wallpaper. Thankfully, the experts at ServiceMaster by Wright know exactly how to get rid of this issue. We offer high-quality services for water damage in Longboat Key to help you restore your home after it has been damaged.