Good Morning Jim,

Thank you for your quick response to our problem yesterday.
Having worked with just about every disaster service in town, I wanted to pass along to you that your team went above and beyond with the courteous, professional and speedy service.
I look forward to working with you and Servicemaster in the future.

When I spoke to them yesterday, I advised each owner would be responsible for dry out.
I am contacting you to correct that statement.
Park Shore Tower will assume all responsibility for the extraction and dryout services.
I have emailed my insurance agent to begin the process.

I provided a detailed list of the Owners names, and all contact information to your head tech.
That way you can contact Owners directly for any repairs.

I am here at the building awaiting todays inspection. I do not know who was coming to check, but if you would be so kind as to provide him with my guard house phone number: 239-649-5015,
the guard will contact me when they arrive.

Again, Thank you.