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The intrusion of water in commercial or residential space can cause severe damage to structure and commodities to present inside, including ceiling, drywall, furniture, and especially flooring. Such can be the damage that it may require partial or entire replacement. Handling this mess can be both overwhelming and risky, but is almost unmanageable without proper tools and experience. Residents of  Bonita Springs, Bradenton, Cape CoralEnglewoodFort Myers, Longboat KeyNaplesMarco Island, SarasotaSiesta Key, and Venice, Florida are well-versed with such overwhelming conditions after Water damage Sarasota.

Upon sighting the extent of damage, you may find yourself in a state over the barrel, and here, we can be your helping hand. When it comes to structuring, drywall tends to damage at earliest while giving way to mold to proliferate.

Conditions under Drywall restoration

  1. If the drywall is completely damaged, you are left with no other option but to call professionals to get it replaced from the scratch.
  2. If the drywall is partially damaged, a lot of things should be kept in mind to ensure its safe restoration. Repairing damaged drywall is a matter of concern and should be done under professional guidance.

What to Do With A Partially Damaged Drywall? 

The wet drywall can be dried or cut; it can be decided based on the condition of the drywall.

  • Drywall is fragile and overhead flooring may result in a collapsed ceiling; avoid passing through it or repairing it.
  • To start with the restoration process, take away wet furniture, carpet, padding, and everything possible that can affect the integrity of the drywall. Open up the source of air to allow ventilation and air passage.
  • While you may be thinking that water damage can be restored on one’s own without professional support, but its restoration measures can only be taken after determining the gravity of damage.
  • Get garbed under safety gear to avoid health risks. While removing drywall, remember that older drywall may contain asbestos, so wear respiratory protection for enhanced safety.

If you are planning to cut the damaged drywall, here are some tips.

Analyze the condition to determine how much of it to cut out. For instance, if the damage has covered an area of around 2.5 feet, take extra of up to 1 foot, i.e., 4 feet in total to cut out to prevent further damage. If it is higher than this, get it removed to maximum possible height. Take away the sagging, cracked, or crumbled pieces to prevent future damage.

Sanitization and Deodorization 

When it comes to cutting the drywall, it may appear to be tempting. But it can be harmful to health, and hence should be repaired by professionals only. Get the wall dried before starting on with the process. If you find traces of mold on the wall, sanitize and deodorize the wall using chemical disinfectants. Paint the restored walls with mold-resistant paint to prevent mold intrusion.

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