Do’s & Don’ts of Flood Damage to Let it Not Sweep Structures Off Its Feet

You are currently viewing Do’s & Don’ts of Flood Damage to Let it Not Sweep Structures Off Its Feet

Structures don’t survive on water supply and hate it when anything attempts to rain on its parade. Watching your property being drenched due to unforeseen flood damage can be the worst thing to deal with. 

Water damage can sweep you off your feet from either natural or man-made sources.

If you experience property flooding, there are a set of dos and don’ts that can help you restore it back to normal condition. Are you suffering from Water damage in port charlotte, and fear it might sink your property down the drain? Take a deep breath and relax because nothing of that sort would happen if you back yourself with a restoration plan. 

Keep reading to know all the important do’s and don’ts of flood damage restoration.

What to Do After Flood Damage

Beware of Rodents, Snakes & Insects: Firstly, beware of rodents, snakes, and insects that may sneak into your home during a flood situation.

Check Water Supply: Do check your water supply. You need to perform a clean-up for both drinking and clearing up the water damage.

Before you start cleaning, keep the windows open to let in air. Also, check for holes around your roof or your walls.

Get Over that Drywall: Make sure you get any drywall or finished ceiling material removed if it comes in contact with floodwater. Likewise, its important to dispose of anything edible.

What Not to Do After Flood Damage

Prefer An Expert to Recover from Extensive Flooding: If your property experiences minor damage, you might try to D.I.Y the cleanup. However, it’d be wise to back upon an expert to get over extensive flooding.

Refrain from Using Any Electrical Items: You shouldn’t use any electrical item until you know that your property has been restored. You shouldn’t even try switching on the fan. Until you are sure that your property is safe, you should prefer using an alternative power supply, for example, a generator.

Don’t Try to Use Newspapers to Soak in the Mess: Also, don’t try to use newspapers to soak in a mess. The ink from a newspaper will spread across the surface and make things difficult for you to manage.

Furthermore, do not walk on wet surfaces. You can minimize safety hazards and prevent further damage by traversing these spots as less you can.

Rely Upon ServiceMaster Restore to Save Your Property

Now you know all do’s and don’ts of flood damage restoration. The next step is to find a professional port charlotte Water damage expert to rescue you from the problem.

With nearly 40 years, ServiceMaster Restore has helped residential and commercial property owners recover from the dreadful flood and water damage. 

We respond to many incidents, including flooding, sewage backups, sump pump failure, basement flood damage, and other unforeseen events.

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