Does Bleach Kill Black Mold?

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Black mold is a fungus that may sometimes have a dark green color. If you happen to see molds that are not dark or black in color, they are not black mold. Black mold is also known as the Stachybotrys chartarum.

Basically, this type of mold grows in a moist environment, like the areas inside the bathroom and basements. It usually grows on damp wood, which has enough moisture in it to cultivate mold growth.

Most of the black molds are toxigenic, which means that they release toxins that may lead to respiratory disorders to people especially those with weak immune systems. When molds form colonies with other spores, they produce mycotoxins. With a high concentration of mycotoxins, mold poison may be produced that may be harmful to people.

Black mold does not have any species like poisonous black mold or toxic black mold. However, the most common black mold is Cladosporium that has been observed to have no known toxic side effects except that it could trigger an increase in allergy. In short, black molds may produce symptoms and inimical health effects that are associated with a respiratory disorder, such as coughing and asthma attacks.

At any rate, it is difficult to get rid of black mold and its spores. Since mold spores cannot grow without moisture, it is only right to reduce the moisture in your home to gradually eliminate the molds. Removing black mold using soap and a sponge is not advisable because you will only add moisture to the wood that may culture more black mold later on.

Even the use of bleach will not be effective because black mold may have been rooted deep in the moist wood. In essence, the use of bleach will only kill mold growth on the surface but not at the roots. As a matter of fact, bleach will just contribute to the its growth.

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