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Be it a result of burst pipes or leaks, dealing with water damage is a serious issue for condominium building managers and property owners. The damage caused by water leak itself is a hazard on many fronts – from harming the health of your tenants, damaging your brand and, in the end, leaving you with very expensive water damage restoration and mold remediation costs.

Water damage could affect your:

Common Causes of Water Damage in Condominiums:

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Client's Reviews

They did such a great job on my condo...I discovered mold in my condo when returned for vacation. They came out the same day and got it all cleaned up.
Timothy Spruill

You should deal with water damage as a multi-step strategy that starts with prevention. In the end, water damage is a result of factors that you – the building owner – can immediately manage to prevent tenant complaints, health issues and expensive structural damage down the line.

Get a Professionals for Water Damage Restoration

If you suspect there’s water damage in your condominium, then you must start by calling professional water damage restoration experts like ServiceMaster by Wright to restore your condominium to its normal condition. In terms of handling an actual condominium water damage, it’s important to recognize that mold is a hazardous substance. These six steps for handling water damage and from the upstairs condo can make a big difference.

1. Let your neighbor know about the damage.

The upstairs neighbor might not know there’s a problem, so reach out. Explain the extent of water damage in your condo and the need to make repairs as quickly as possible.

2. Inform the building contractor.

If the neighbor can’t stop the leak, alert building maintenance right away. Make sure they understand the potential damage and how it can affect other units.

4. Call your insurance agent.

Don’t assume the owners of the upstairs condo or your HOA will reimburse you for water damages. Call your insurance agent, and start the claims process.

5. Always review the HOA Policy

Contact your HOA, and request two copies of their master insurance policy. Forward one to your insurance agent so that he or she can determine its coverage and any HOA liability.

6. Call the professional water damage restoration company

Extensive water damage needs to be handled by certified restoration technicians like ServiceMaster by Wright. Water damage restoration work following water damage is a special discipline and should only be carried out by a qualified water damage restoration company who fully understands the importance of the process Ignoring the blurred line between a specialist and a builder may lead to further and possibly more serious secondary problems, during the drying out period.

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ServiceMaster by Wright has been restoring water damaged properties, throughout for almost 40-years and has a vast amount of local knowledge, of both residential and commercial properties
ServiceMaster, DR COMMERCIAL Achiever awardee

Client's Reviews

Well.. it has been 3 months since our water damage / mold was discovered, and all in all Service Master has done a great job... Special thanks to Melissa, Kim, Charlie and Michael... they were most helpful in so many ways making a horrible situation become OK again. Melissa helped me when it was a devastating blow to see what all we had lost... and she helped me off the cement when I fell; Kim who helped my friend Sue hang UMPTEEN golf pictures and talked me into many things I wasn't sure of... she did a great job and we are happy; Charlie who promised me someone would be in our condo every day working... and he kept that promise; and Michael who did so many odd jobs and helped out with many, many things and was so pleasant to have in our home...
Mary Cole

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