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What many don’t know is that the fire itself isn’t the only burning element during a fire. Residual smoke may cause burns as well. Burning caused by residual smoke is occasionally called etching, pitting, or chemical burning. Quick response and proper action are critical to limit these types of damages, as the more time that passes before action is taken, the greater the damages will be.

No matter where the fire originates, smoke may penetrate throughout the structure of a building. If smoke combines with excess humidity and moisture, it can form a corrosive residue that may cause secondary damages to your property and the contents within.

At ServiceMaster by Wright, it’s our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on the source, nature, and size of the fire damage in Cape Coral, FL, the cleaning and restoration process may require several phases before completion.

While each fire damage or smoke damage in Cape Coral, FL  is unique, the information can be generalized. We hope to answer your questions and aid you in understanding the processes and procedures required for restoring your property. When disaster strikes, we help get your life back to normal.

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The Fire Damage Restoration Process

While every fire restoration project is unique, there are several phases of the process that will help to restore your property to its original condition.

Our fire restoration process is thorough and proven. It includes:

Fire Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster by Wright

Removing contents from the home or business. It includes:

Homeowners’ responsibility after a fire. It includes:

Performing structural restoration. It includes:

The Best Fire Damage Restoration Service in Cape Coral, FL

Fires are devastating, and those living in Cape Coral, FL  can rest easy knowing that ServiceMaster by Wright can respond quickly to any emergency. Our advanced technology and extensive experience will help lower cleaning costs and reduce the time it takes to reoccupy your home or office. We are also experienced in working with insurance companies and will gladly help complete the necessary forms needed to submit for insurance claims.

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