Can Mold Be Deadly?

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There has been an extensive research done in the area of different types of mold, and the conclusion has presented information that reveals that there are many types of mold that can be extremely deadly. One of the most deadly types of mold will be ‘Stachybotrys Atra’, which is an extremely toxic mold that when inhaled spores can lodge themselves inside a person’s lung, which in turn will create lung hemorrhages. Not every home will have this type of mold; however, because of its long history of toxicity, it will not be important for a person to find out what type of mold they have, it will be more important to get rid of it.

In this article you will discover information that pertains to mold and the question “can mold be deadly?” Some of the information you will find will be eye-opening, and some of the information you may already know. The point is mold has no place in the household, and unless removed properly can cause severe health problems for all those that live within.

  • Killer Mold Thrives

    What many aren’t aware of about killer mold is that, mold contains spores. These spores will float around indoors and outdoors, and in most cases will not cause a huge amount of issues. But in some of those cases they are extremely devastating. These spores will get lodged in a person’s lungs and cause extreme health issues such as uncontrollable asthma, sickness, nausea, confusion, major headaches, watery eyes, and a whole host of other problems that can be associated with chronic illness that seems to never go away.

    Unless dealt with properly, killer mold will thrive in many areas of the home and not only cause damage to your health, but your property as well. Mold will grow in walls, carpets, wall boards, wallpaper, insulation, and in floorboards if not treated properly.

  • Moisture is Not your Friend

    People that suffer severe flooding problems, or uncontrollable moisture in the home, will experience killer mold on several different degrees. Unless these areas have been cleaned properly and dried, the issue of mold will be inevitable and in many cases will be unseen. One of the biggest misconceptions of mold is that once it’s been seen, this could potentially turn into a bigger problem. So if you feel you have a moisture problem and you’ve discovered mold in a specific area, it will more than likely be time to contact a professional to have this issue eradicated.

  • The Importance of Remediation

    Mold Remediation or removal will be an important first step in dealing with killer mold. Contacting a professional to have them come out and take care of the issue for you will ensure that this problem gets contained and eradicated.

    Unless mold is dealt with properly you will continue to have problems that will ultimately need to be dealt with. Unless the problems are taken care of, you can expect to suffer from the effects of deadly killer mold until something has been done.

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