Are there Molds In Your House? Learn Lesser-Known Things About Them!

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Mold is known to many people, especially those who live in wetter areas like Cape Coral and Port Charlotte. And not only there, but they can also grow in dry regions, given appropriate conditions.

And that appropriate condition is moisture. So, it is safe to say that if there has been moisture in your home for a while, there must be mold too. The most usual place where it develops is the grout between the tiles.

In this blog, we’ll explain the lesser-known facts and the actions to take if you see them in your house before contacting the professionals for Mold Removal in Cape Coral or Port Charlotte.

Usual Places For Mold Growth:

Because moisture is the reason for the mold, mold can potentially develop in every place where there is water. Extra humidity in the house gets condensed and ends up forming mold. Below mentioned are the most common places where it develops:

  • Attics
  • Ducts
  • Kitchen
  • Sink bottom
  • Near Chimney
  • Wall Interiors

Not All Mold Is Toxic:

According to the experts at CDC, not all molds are harmful. Though certain molds can produce toxins, they aren’t poisonous. And the toxin-producing molds, the ones that actually affect the health and cause conditions such as memory loss or pulmonary hemorrhage, are not very common.

But this doesn’t mean that mold isn’t harmful at all. Any kind of mold is bad for your home, if not toxic. So always be prepared to eradicate them as soon as they start growing.

When You Find Mold:

  1. Things to do:

    1. Keep yourself and your family out of the area where mold is growing.
    2. The thousands of spores that mold releases can travel in the air and could be inhaled. So, turn off the AC and fans to avoid that condition.
    3. Contact the professionals from the nearest company that provides Mold Removal services. You can even do it yourself if you’re experienced. But if you aren’t, leave that to the professionals.
    4. Look for the source of water that is generating the moisture for the growth of mold. And if you can find it, take measures to stop it from coming.
    5. If the mold has grown in a commercial place, keep the customers and employees from going to that part and close it off completely.
  2. Things not to do:
    1. Do not ever touch or even disturb the mold by yourself or anyone except the professionals. They know how to deal with it.
    2. Do not blow the wind over any part where the mold has grown.
    3. Do not try to make the area dry by yourself.
    4. Do not ever paint the area where there is mold. Doing so will not remove it but will only worsen the matter.

Final Thoughts:

These are the things you should know while dealing with molds. As you’ve learned that water causes mold, call the companies that provide restoration services for water damage in Port Charlotte or Cape Coral if there is a situation of water damage in your home.

With that being said, we hope we have given you some valuable information.