7 Reasons To Hire Professionals For Hoarding Cleanup!

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More than 2-6% of the world’s population suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some people have compulsive hoarding disorder known as Plyushkin’s disorder. They find it difficult to throw away or part with possessions as they believe they need to save them. They habitually collect and hold worthless things for long, hoarding various items in a tiny space. This hoarding makes their living area untidy and unclean, threatening their health and security. 

The conditions can be dangerous in exceptional cases if the hoarding contains biohazards. In these unhealthy scenarios, the family and friends do not find it easy to clean up the mess, risking their well-being. Moreover, sometimes hoarders themselves oppose the cleaning efforts of their well-wishers due to their rigid attitude. Therefore, they consult a professional enterprise engaged in hoarder clean up Bonita Springs for safety. 


The followings are the cons of conducting DIY hoarding cleanup,

  • Labor-Intensive Job

Hoarding cleanup is a challenging task requiring an effective strategy to accomplish. The cleaners initially need to decide which items to discard, what to donate, and what to keep. They must know where to begin and how to move from one room to the next to accomplish the task effectively. They must inspect the entire space, including the closets, drawers, clothing pockets, and purses.

This laborious task may involve handling huge piles of trash, decluttering, and sanitizing the entire place, besides repairing damaged property. Based on the hoarding extent, the job can take a long time to complete, validating the insufficiency of DIY efforts and the requirement of a professional hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs.

  1. Biohazard Cleanup

When familiar people embark on a hoarding cleanup exercise, they expose themselves to severe health issues. Dirt and debris accumulate quickly and mainly in hoarding environments, making it the ideal breeding ground for harmful pathogens.

The cleaners must handle different biohazards, including live or dead animals, feces, urine, and other body fluids, requiring them to wear safety gear. Only trained cleaning technicians equipped with safety gear from professional hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs, can perform such tasks safely.

  1. Treatment of Pests and Rodents

A hoarding place often contains decomposing materials and rotting foods, attracting different pests and rodents, including rats, cockroaches, and flies. This situation requires an immediate fumigation exercise by a licensed cleaning company. 

  1. Mold Remediation

Excess clutter in the space obstructs airflow and does not allow sufficient ventilation. Moreover, no one can notice water intrusion in such a place, enabling uncontrolled mold growth. It affects the home’s structural integrity and poses health hazards to the occupants. Only technicians from professional hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs, can remove mold safely and efficiently.

  1. Exposure to Physical Injuries

Apart from health hazards, the cleaners are at risk of physical injuries. The unsteady piles of materials in the house can collapse and injure them as they attempt to declutter and clean the house.

The randomly piled or scattered material increases the chances of tripping and falling and sustaining fractures, wounds, and sprains. The cleanup may also require lifting heavy items, which may damage joints and muscles.

  1. Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

The cleaners need specialized cleaning equipment and supplies to accomplish the labor-intensive and demanding task of hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs. The cleaning elements include trash bags, empty boxes, step ladders, vacuum cleaners, cleansers/disinfectants, sponges/cleaning cloths/wipes, gloves, buckets, mops, and shovels. They also need to know where to dump the trash. These equipment and tools are only available from professional cleaning companies.

  1. Working in Unsafe Environments

A cleaner performs the tasks in a place with poor air quality. The hoarding place and surrounding area are home to mold spores, odor, dust, ammonia, and other pollutants released continuously into the atmosphere. If they breathe this contaminated air for prolonged periods, they may develop some respiratory problems, including allergies. However, professional cleaners with protective clothing perform cleaning safely with suitable tools. They wear eye protection, puncture-proof gloves, Sturdy hats and boots, biohazard suits, respirators, and dust masks.

Cleaners have bug sprays, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and flashlights to handle any challenge during the hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs. They have legal backing to handle and dispose of the biohazard materials, which DIY cleaners lack.

The Bottom Line

It is imperative that hoarding cleanup is a strenuous and risky exercise, requiring extra care, skills, and specialized equipment and supplies. Our trained technicians, equipped with the necessary gear, tools, and other stuff, quickly and efficiently perform hoarder clean up, Bonita Springs. With our professional services, residents can ensure a healthy and safe environment for their hoarder loved ones.