5 Immediate Steps You Can Take to Handle An Emergency of Water Damage

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Water damage is nothing less than a horrible nightmare for a homeowner. Because apart from the other disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornados, the last thing homeowners don’t want to deal with is flooding and water damage in Marco Island or any other place. 

It can be considered as one of the most common and serious emergencies your property can ever experience. But facing a storm, flood, busted pipes, or sewage backup, water problems are distressing and threaten your property. It is necessary to address emergencies quickly to prevent further property damage and implement solutions that work best for the situation.

Just remember these 5 steps to cover up for water-related disaster, and you will be half on your way to getting your property and your life back to the normal state:

  1. First, protect yourself and your belongings

Water damage will harm your health and property in all possible ways due to contaminated water. Take these necessary steps as soon as possible

  • Cut the electricity by unplugging devices.
  • Please don’t return to the contaminated place until authorities declare it safe to return.
  • Rescue documents or electronics items.
  1. Put a Full stop to water discharge

First, identified from where the water discharge occurs, check the source, and stop to prevent the damage from compounding: Take these steps:

  • Ensure you shut off valves of hot water tanks leak, the most common cause.
  • If we talk about Marco Island water damage, and you get the news that there is to be flood, then keep the things like sandbagging and ditching as essentials for the rescue.
  • In case you experience a leaky ceiling, bring in an expert to pinpoint the source of the leak. 
  1. Make contact with your insurance company

One of the crucial steps and a vital resource that will help you navigate an emergency. Make an effective claim with these tips by helping yourself :

  • Record the damage and calculate the repair costs.
  • Click pictures from the damaged area.
  • Manage all the records.
  1. Start drying out things

Once the damage occurs, start the process of drying out within 24 hours and try to finish it in 3-4 days, it helps to prevent mold growth by doing so:

  • Remove all the wet carpet & furniture from the flooded area. 
  • To dry, remove and hang area rugs.
  • Take Dehumidifiers and fans in use to help dry off moist surfaces.
  1. Clean your property by restoring it

Even if the damaged area gets water-free, it still takes time to address; that’s why it’s essential to call experts on the first note and keep these rules in mind:

  • Determine if it is too damaged or no longer safe to use.
  • Drywall, insulation, flooring, carpeting, and baseboards may need to be removed and replaced to prevent mildew and mold growth.
  • Also, seek professional advice on damaged property, such as documents and electronics, which can often be restored with specialty equipment.


When the disaster gets over, things have happened. But taking action is what matters. The moment to act in the manner described above is right now. Which will help you to resolve the problem most smoothly. take action, and you can also contact us today for your restoration needs of water damage in Marco island.